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Flower Blog Archive - January 2007

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Flower sellers for Valentine's Day

Image of Roses.jpg

Being someone who loves to shop for flowers when Valentineâ??s Day is around the corner, it was very important for me to find out who are the best florists. Now everything is on the web and this makes things easy.

You go to the websites of really good florists and shop for the best flowers you can get for Valentineâ??s Day. Nowadays most of the companies have tie-ups with local florists and that makes sure that the flowers are really good.

There are quite a few websites worth checking out for your Valentineâ??s Day purchase.

The Los Angeles based is an excellent online florist. They have a very extensive network and the quality of their flowers and the arrangements are is quite reputed too and it gives the option of ordering flowers via telephone.

A remarkably noteworthy website is, which delivers flowers internationally. An experience a friend of mine narrates has to do with his wife being in Turkey and the flowers being delivered to her by pickupflowers. is good at its business because they attend to the freshness of the flowers. They do other gifts too, which sort of affects their focus. has a large network across the United States and over the years they have made their mark in the flower selling business. has special assortments of flowers and nice collections of reasonably priced Peruvian Lilies. Such items are good and will help stretch your budget for Valentineâ??s Day.

Send Flowers by Florist

We offer florist gift delivery of fresh cut flowers, plants, dish gardens, balloons, tropical flower arrangements, roses, fruit, gourmet & chocolate gift baskets. FTD flower delivery service guaranteed 100% by professional florists. florist gift ideas for birthday, anniversary, weddings, new baby, business, corporate or holiday. Monthly flower gift programs of flowers, fruit and plants. Funeral & sympathy flower designs and gift baskets delivered daily. Free virtual cards, virtual flowers, meaning of flowers and gardening tip departments. FTD flowers, rose and plant arrangements delivered in over 200 countries internationally worldwide. We send florist gifts for birthday, anniversary, wedding, get well, sympathy, funeral, business, corporate, new baby, thank you, or….just because. Order from the online flower webpage of the country you wish to deliver in, and we will quickly arrange for your florist gift delivery. Design and delivery by professional local FTD florists. We send flower, rose & plant gifts internationally anywhere! Our online flower catalog is full of great gift selections of flower basket arrangements, fresh cut roses, colorful floral bouquets and florist designed floral arrangements for all occasions and holidays. When you need to send flowers and gifts next day international or same day Canada & with

Gifting Roses for Valentines Day

Orange Roses.jpg

Bouquet of fresh cut Valentine's Day roses are the best gift, nothing else convey message like they do. Roses are the most popular gift on Valentines Day from many years. Roses have many meanings depending on its color. Each color has specific meaning attached to it. We have to select the right color of rose before to gifting them. Some of the popular colors of roses and their meaning:

  • Red Valentines Roses: Red color rose conveys romantic love.
  • Purple Valentines Day Roses: Purple color conveys that you have fallen in love at first sight.
  • Orange Valentines Day roses: Shows your desire.
  • Yellow Valentines roses: This rose conveys your happiness and friendship.
  • Peach Valentines Day roses: Peach color roses convey gratitude and appreciation.
  • Pink Color Valentines Day Roses: Pink roses sends message of sympathy.
  • White Color Valentines Day Roses: Express reverence and humility.
  • Yellow Color Valentines Day Roses: Signifies the meaning jealousy.
  • Blue Color Valentines Day Roses: Meaning of blue roses is unattainable.
In this site they have given full list of Rose Meanings. Meaning also depends on the number of roses also.

Favorite Flower Delivery Site/Online Florist

I am trying to send some flowers to different sates. But can't seem to choose a site. Does anyone know of a favorite and reliable online florist or a flower delivery site? Any feedback would be appreciated.

Traditional flower bouquets are the most popular valentines day gifts

rose.jpgAs per the search statistics of MIVA, leading independent Performance Marketing Network, during the valentines day last year, traditional flower bouquets are the most popular valentines day gifts, followed by romantic getaways, jewellery and lingerie in that order.

The search statistics also reveal some slight country-specific variations in the keyword searches on the internet. For instance, Germans use text messages and ecards to say "I love you". In United Kingdom, the valentines treat their loved ones with luxury gifts such as jewellery or a romantic getaway to London, Edinburgh or Paris, the latter of which seems to be the epitome of romance. In United States, flowers, especially roses are the top gift on Valentine's Day followed by sterling silver jewellery. Romantic getaways are popular in Spain.

Flowers thus, again topped the list of valentines day gifts, only to prove flowers are always the most preferred gifts on valentines day.

Some Medicinal Flowers

From the beginning of human history, man has considered plants useful. Mostly he used them as a food source, but in all cultures, plants have also figured prominently as medicines. From pre-historic rites to modern medicine, plants have been shown to posess curative properties. Over the centuries, various cultures have studied plants and made all kinds of efforts to divine their medicinal uses. Some experiments have proved disastrous, even fatal. Others seemed miraculous. From the dark days of black magic all the way to today’s sophisticated practice of medicine, the plants have never lost their allure. In fact, today we live in a time of renewed interest in herbal remedies. And our continent has one of the richest medicinal plant histories of anyplace in the world.

There are a few the wildflowers that man has used from ancient times forward to aid in his health and provide cures for his illnesses and diseases. In fact, many of the same plants used as medicinals are also poisonous if not used properly.

Herbal and Medicinal Wildflowers

Flowering Herbs


Flowering herbs are very good combination in gardens. There are many flowering herbs, which add beautiful colors to your garden. Few herbs described below are beautiful and easy to grow plants.They can be grown for flowers and foliage in your garden. The below listed herbs mostly are of pink; lavender and blue range colors and with silver, bronze or green leaves. Growing herbs is easy. Herbs need very less care. They grow in small places like pots etc. Herbs normally mix well in a flower garden. Herbs with stand to summer sun also because most them normally are from tropical regions. Normally herbs don’t require much of fertilizers and they even grow in average garden soil. They have very good resistance power against many disease and insects.

  • Anise hyssop (Agastache foeniculum): This is a perennial herb. In mid late summer they give lavender color flowers. The leaves and flowers of anise hyssop are fragrant.
  • Chives (Allium schoenoprasum): This also a perennial herb. They give pink or lavender color flowers. These flowers are edible they have a mild onion flavor.
  • Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium): Feverfew are white-petaled, yellow-centered flowers which look like a daisy. They bloom from early summer to mid summer.
  • Purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea): Purple coneflowers give large rosy pink flowers, which have orange brown centers. They produce flowers from midsummer into fall.
  • Yarrow (Achillea millefolium): yarrow produces red, pink or white flowers. These are used in floral arrangements. They bloom in summer.

Build a Wonderful Terrace Garden

To biuld a terrace garden you need know these things. the foremost thing that need to be considered in terrace gardening is to ascertain whether the terrace can take the load of the garden or not.Drainage holes or slope of the terrace should be sufficient enough so that the water wont get accumulate anywhere on the terrace.

The process for making a terrace garden involves these steps:

  • Layout:Preparing a proper layout is most important thing. The layout should consist of lawn, shrubs, ground covers and small trees if possible.
  • Plants:Plants of tap root system must be avoided because they cause damage to the terrace and building.
  • Growing Medium:The growing medium should be light. Undue weight should be avoided. Soil rite or peat moss are ideal for terrace garden.
  • Brickbats:To facilitate the drainage of water brickbats are used. the bricks should be spread evenly on the terrace.
  • Drainage Chambers:If the terrace is big then construct chambers for drainage. this will prevent water to get stagnate on the terrace.
  • Then spread the growing media to even level and start planting as per your layout. The terrace garden can be in different ways the more innovatively you do the more wonderful garden you can enjoy.

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