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Guide To Flower Blog: Create A Blog

Here is a step by step guide to blogging on the flower expert. Just follow these simple steps and you will be able to create and post blogs. Also you will be able to view blogs of other visitors to the flower expert and post your comments on their blogs.

However, if you are not familiar with blogs, you might want to browse our flower blog FAQs section before starting with this.


Step 1 : Create a blog

Create a blog

Creating a blog is really a very simple task. All you need is a user name and an opinion. Give a title to your blog, enter a username (just a first name would suffice, unless you want to differentiate yourself from other bloggers) and post your message as shown in the adjacent figure. Its really as simple as that.






Mark Up Your Post

Also, you might want to mark up your message. Just use any of the quicktags listed at the bottom of the text box for that purpose. These quicktags help you to make prominent the part of the text which you want to. For example, you might want a certain word or phrase to appear in bold. The quicktags help you do that. You just have to click on the B button in the quicktags table, type in the word or phrase you want to put as bold and then click on the Close Tags button. Clicking on the close tag button will signify the end of the phrase which is in bold. You can also post images or links in your post with the help of quicktags. Get the list of the various quicktags with their respective functionalities at the bottom of the page.


Preview Your Comments

preview of blogYou can also preview your message before publishing it. This is especially useful if you want to see how the text has been marked up when you use the quicktags. Whenever you are ready just go ahead and publish it by clicking on the publish button.


Description Of quicktags

The quicktags feature is limited only to posting blogs. You cannot use this feature while posting comments.

Description of quicktags for flower blogging
BBoldThis tag causes the text to appear in bold
IItalicizeThis tag helps you italicize the text.
UUnderlineYou can underline any word or phrase by clicking on this tag
SStrikeYou can strike out any word you wish.
<Less ThanUse this tag to put a less than symbol
>Greater ThanAn easy way to put a greater than symbol
"Quotes"This tag enables you to put a word in quotes."
&AndAn easy way to put an & in between words.
nbspNBSPAn alternative key to the space bar on the keyboard.
nobrNo BreakUse this tag to write continously in a line, the text area expands to fit in your words.
linkLINK/URLThis enables you to post a URL ie a link in your text. On clicking this tag a separate window opens up where you can post your link.
imgImageThis enables you to post an image alongside the text. On clicking this tag a separate window opens up where you can post the URL of the image.
ULUnordered ListYou can post your comments point wise by clicking on UL tag followed by LI tag for each point.
OLOrdered ListSimilar to the UL tag but gives a numbered list of points.
LIList ItemEnclose your every point in a UL or an OL tag with an LI tag.
PParagraphEnables you to create a new paragraph.
b-quoteBlock QuoteThis helps you to put an entire block of words in quotes.
prePreformatted TextYou can control the line breaks and spaces with the pre tag. Use the pre tag to leave the exact amount of space between words as you desire.
Close TagsClose TagsAfter you´ve performed any of the above operations just make sure to close the tag. Use the Close Tag button to perform that task.
DictDictionaryWe have also included a dictionary to help you with blogging. On clicking this tag a separate window opens up where you need to enter the word, and on a separate page you can view the meaning.

To close the tags you can either use the Close Tag button or click on the same tag again after you are through with its use. Some of the quicktags described here are just alternatives to keyboard shortcuts. For tags like quotes, space or symbols of "<" and ">" you can also use the keyboard.

All it needs is a little bit of practice for a novice user to use the quicktags with ease.

Step 2- View Blogs

Create Your Own Flower Blog

Flower Blog FAQs

                                                          Happy Blogging

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